The name is Bezos…Jeff Bezos…

So seemingly after reading my blog post yesterday, some executive at Amazon wanted to cash in on the furor surrounding it. I mean thats the only way to read the news today that Amazon is buying MGM for $8.45 Billion.

Check out the story here:

Amazon Buys MGM, Studio Behind James Bond, for $8.45 Billion

Its only furthering the case that studios having control over the industry is a thing of the past. Disney now owns not only Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios, but 20th Century Fox as well. HBOMax has access to Warner Bros content, and now Amazon to MGM. More importantly, all of these streaming services have guaranteed multi billion dollar franchise generators attached to them.

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The streaming wars have ended and there was an unexpected casualty

Way way way back last year I wrote this entry on this blog:

Remember the Streaming Wars

It was back when in the myopic view of us vs them approach to storytelling, everyone was predicting that Disney+ would result in Netflix going out of business. Clearly, that didn’t happen. If anything market share for both has gone through the roof. In fact during the pandemic, another streaming powerhouse set up shop. HBOMax became the go to streaming service of the pandemic.

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Further Proof That I am Ahead of the Curve…

Last night The Falcon and The Winter Soldier premiered on Disney +.

Four years go I tweeted this:

Podcasting needs to change in Canada

For the last three months, I have been busy building my new podcast The 905er into a viable enterprise. I have been working with a colleague, Roland Tanner on this. Neither of us had experience creating podcasts, nor marketing them. However, like any good entrepreneur, that hasn’t stopped us from diving in head first.

We have learned quickly a lot of this new media industry in Canada. Mostly as to how there doesn’t seem to really be one. According to one estimate, there are approximately 850,000 podcasts out there right now. With that number you must be saying, Joel you’ve just contradicted yourself. Normally I’d agree, however there is another statistic that we’ve observed since beginning this venture.

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When I ran the numbers, I found something interesting

Coming off my last post, I thought I’d share this little bit of math I worked out back when Disney+ first came on the market.

I subscribe to the New York Times and they published an online interactive survey to determine what streaming services you should subscribe to. It’s here:

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Remember The Streaming Wars?

Netflix vs Disney

My apologies for being away for so long. Life seems to have crept up on me.

I originally started this blog as part of a class project. I focused on the cord cutting trend as at the time my family had just joined the movement at the time, and I wanted to examine the effects. While I’ve shifted my focus some what to other topics, this has always been in the back of my mind.

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